Is Airtel’s 4G network as fast as it is believed to be?

We spent the last year hovering over 3G networks and about how fast and reliable they were. 3G networks were able to engulf us for a pretty lengthy period of time and now it is the turn of 4G network to enjoy its share of fame and limelight. Over the last couple of months, we have heard a lot about 4G networks and how it will be changing as well as enhancing our internet browsing experience at a whole new level. There is no doubt in the fact that internet connectivity in our mobile devices is a lot about luxury than a necessity.

Lately, we have also heard as well as seen a lot about the Airtel 4G network. With the ability to stream high definition videos with absolutely no buffering as well as with the ability to download the full movie in just 30 minutes is something that comes across as unbelievable but is also something worth experiencing. Coming from none other than Bharti Airtel, this 4G network is believed to change our way of using the internet to a very large extent.

So here are a few positives of Airtel’s 4G network. Let us take a look at these and figure out if Airtel’s 4G network is really as fast as it is believed to be!

Positives of 4G network

·         Amazing speed: Undeniably, one of the crucial benefits of having access to 4G network is its high speed. 4G networks come with increased bandwidth which is known for delivering faster data transfer speed across all our smartphones.
·         Uninterrupted internet connection:Needless to say, all users of Airtel’s 4G network get access to uninterrupted as well as superior connectivity which is especially useful while engaging in advanced tasks such as conferences, video calls, video chats and so on.
·         Streaming of videos and movies: We all like to be entertained while we are on the go and with the power of such a fast network connection in your hand, you can stream videos, full movies, as well as music without the need of buffering it. It also enables faster sharing of videos, pictures and other media over the internet.
·         Better coverage: As compared to other systems, 4G networks are believed to offer more coverage to users. Airtel’s 4G network promises a coverage of more than 30 miles and even when in network ranges that are overlapping, users can be assured that they will receive good network connection.
·         Online security: One of the problems faced in faster networks is the breach of online security but with Airtel’s 4G network, you will be offered with complete privacy on the internet.
·         Affordability: Airtel is providing its 4G network at very affordable prices.

We can surely say that 4G networks will change our internet experience for the better.