Asus ET2040IUK Is A Great Offering

Spacing is hitting us even inside our dwellings, there is hardly any room left for any device presently in a room in many homes. Since that’s turning the case, should you just take your desktop PC out and be pleased with a notebook computer for normal use in its place? But you need not worry at all when you can make use of Asus’s novel offering; named Asus ET2040IUK AIO PC.

Best fit for an AIO PC

In the majority of real life situations, a sleek computer requires fitting as compared to a regular sized large desktop. The new offering from the well known Taiwanese maker is a full-fledged desktop with all essential characteristics, and it would just fit into a small room. The 19.5” display is a really impressive along with other elegant features. You don’t even require a UPS for emergency power backup as the new gadget has an integrated battery having 60 minutes backup.


When we talk about the performance, Asus ET2040 is good enough for daily usage at job or home for personal use.


If you take a browse from each and every area, the new offering would emerge to be a vast 19.5” tablet initially. This is also called a big brother to the tiny tablet computers obtainable at the present time, but it’s a larger source of power. The PC’s display stands at 1366×768 pixels.

Aside from the display, the keys and ports are positioned all around the rims of this PC. The display supports touch and there’s even a web camera on the front side.