Reaching Out to your Dreams!

Dream. Dream high. For only after you dream of success, you achieve it.

All of us are living in a sheltered place where reaching out to dreams seems like itself like a distant dream. It might be due to family issues, peer pressure or something as vital as lack of financial aid. But as they say, whatever the circumstances may be, don't ever stop dreaming and don't ever give up on your dreams.

Life is weird. It has ups and downs. It dwells in various alterations from time to time. And the only thing that I could possibly understand about life is that, change is the only constant thing about it.
And likewise a drastic change occurred to me, twice.

Once when I was in class 8th and was introduced to Enid Blyton. Oh, how much I loved her works. I still remember falling asleep snuggling to her books. That first hobby of childhood brought about a great change in a small town girl. Where people dreaded girls reading and even talking in English or simply to become educated, I took my first baby steps into the unknown world of literature.

Ever since then, there was no looking back. Thanks to my grandfather who was a great lover of storytelling himself and who used to secretly buy me books so that we could discuss and tell each other more stories. Unable to read himself, he never failed to surprise me by a new book every sunday morning. We would sit on porch and tell tales of distant lands to one another.

Days, months and even years passed. My father who was still kept away from my reading classes had no idea how much this language had engulfed me into it`s eccentricities. It was only after my class 10th that we had a discussion about my future. He was shocked to see that I wanted to take up arts instead of medicine. He forced me, and I gave in.

My inner desires were left unquenched. I longed for more books and discussions with grandpa but was however sent to a hostel for my further studies. When I had finished my 12th, I ran to my grandfather and told him about my choice, that I didn't want to do medical studies. I had made up my mind, I would go for English Literature. My dad, still reluctant, tried his everything to coax me into becoming a doctor, a reputed profession with a easy six figure salary. But nothing could change my mind, I wanted to be a writer, even if that guarantee any amount of money.

And then came another drastic change.
The change of cities.

It was when Delhi University cut-offs were out that I fled from my hometown with my grandfather. Luckily I got into the best college due to my excellent performance in board exams. The first time I saw my college, I knew what living a dream feels like.

After six years of dedicated studies and several internships, I landed up a job offer in California University, as a professor.

Today, I am earning more than my father had ever imagined I would. I am also working on a novel, that I longed to write. And my granddad, yes, he`s still with me, constantly being my pillar of support and a pool of ideas for my upcoming novel.

So, live to live your dreams. It isn't that hard, believe me. You just need to take one step, just one bold step.