A Day to Remember

As a kid, I used to love Sundays. Not because Sundays are holidays, but because Sundays were family days. I remember how mom and dad used to be busy all week long and I had to stay with my maid who took care of everything I needed of. It was only on Sundays that my parents used to be at home and as a holiday ritual we all used to go to grandpa`s place. His place was not very far even though it used to take us almost one hour to reach there, thanks to the traffic. Of course I didn`t mind waiting for traffic to get cleared because I was never so excited about meeting my grandpa and grandma.

Every time I used to visit their place both of them used to shower me with all their love; several hugs and kisses were my greetings to them, and theirs to me. I remember hopping into grandpa`s lap and going to the nearby market to get groceries only because he used to secretly buy me an ice-cream.

I loved how Grandma used to prepare my favourite curry-rice each time I visited her. She used to sit beside me and read endless stories to me. She would tell me about distant lands filled with fairies and magical things.

As I grew up, I started to visit them often. Whenever I didn`t want to go to school, I would call grandma and ask her to convince mom to let me go to their place. And my ever so charming grandma always did as I wanted her to. She was the sweetest woman I have ever known.

Once I called her at night, around 10pm. I was crying over the phone, badly. I got her all scared and tensed but she still managed to console me. I told her about the fight that dad and I had, just then. I told her how much I wanted to become a photographer and learn the art; and how dad wanted me to become a lawyer, just like him. I was fed up of the regular fights regarding my career. I always wondered why I wasn`t allowed to do anything about my life? Why was I always treated as a kid?

Because of the constant fights at home I had mentally prepared myself to take up law and become like my father. I was disheartened but I considered this as my fate. But one fine day, grandma along with grandpa landed up at my place and had a deep meaningful talk with me and dad. She tried her best to convince me to follow my dreams and not give in to what others say. She argued with dad to let me join whatever profession I want. Finally, dad decided to let me take my own decisions.

A month later I joined the best photography school in Mumbai and alongside started to intern at various studios to earn my living.

I don`t know how to thank grandma for coming to motivate me that day and making me confident enough to fight for myself. She not only taught me how to live my dreams but also to achieve them, no matter what.