3 Best Apps To Keep Your Kid Healthy for Happy Home

Keeping our kid healthy is a major task in front of every parent and traditional things doesn't help that much due to faster changing environment and evolving of new diseases. While Ebola is all set to enter Indian subcontinent any hour we need to take care of immunity strength of our kid. Also Ebola isn't the only disease we need to worry as there are already many of them ready to attack our beloved kid. Most of the diseases start with a normal infection which is controllable somehow. The first and far most the best way to take care of those infections is to keep immunity level of our kid high.

There are two known and simple ways to keep that immunity of our kid higher to fight every normal disease or infection trying to enter and infect our beloved ones. First way is to eat healthy every day so that important nutrients are present in the body in right volume or take help of certain immunity increasing supplements. Dabur Chyawanprash is one of the best immunity increasing supplements available out in the market easily and it can really help in building a strong temple for our kid’s soul.
I’ll enlist certain apps over here which you can use in your Android device to count nutrients on daily basis and also learn more about increasing immunity.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

My Fitness Pal is One of the best and free to use app that can help you know calorie details in every diet you’re including in a day plan. This is how you’ll be aware of every nutritional facts in any food item you wish to include and thus its going to help for sure.

My Tracks

Eating a healthy diet isn't sufficient. We also need to worry about burning right amount of calories on daily basis to keep our body healthy and immunity level high. These days parents put lot of pressure only on the study part while sports and other outdoor activities are being ignored. You need to ditch that plan and make sure your kid is burning right amount of calories on daily basis. Running is a great way to do that and to monitor amount of calories you’re burning, My Tracks app is going to help you. Its developed by official Google developer so you can expect it to simple to use (give it a try and you’ll quickly understand how to use it for its purpose).


KidsDoc is one of the paid apps which is there for not just Android device but also for your iPhone. You can learn about diseases by going through symptoms and checking the same with your kid (if infected). You’re going to get lots of recommended tasks which you can perform to fight common diseases and take care of your child indeed.

It not just got information in form of text but also in form of visuals so that end user can understand it better. It covers most of the diseases which targets kids and also grown up beings. So it’s a must have app and its totally worth the price you’re paying for it.

Prevention is better than cure. This proverb is totally correct and so we should be on alert when it comes to health of our kid. Supplements like Dabur Chyawanprash can increase intake of lots of required nutrients easily without worrying for any recipe or going through facts and informational guides. 

4 Ways to Use Mobile Apps to Boost Business Productivity

If you want to be able to help boost business productivity in the field and at the office then you may want to consider using mobile applications. There are four different ways that you can use mobile business applications to boost productivity, including back end solutions, estimates, document access and organization.

Back End Solutions

Large businesses have an entire support staff available to help manage customers and employees. With small businesses however, often there is no support staff in the office and the owner of the company is out in the field with his or her employees. There are mobile business applications available that can help you run your business no matter where you are.


If you are in an industry where your employees need to be able to create accurate estimates in the field there is an app for that. There are many different applications available depending on your field. By enabling mobile workers to create and even print estimates at a location your company will be able to shorten the sales process and increase the chance of closing the deal.


There are business applications available so that companies can provide different documents to customers and employees. These documents may be ones that need to be completed to process the sale, receive a refund, or apply for a job. There are also times when a service representative or other field employee will need to access documents such as repair manuals, employee policies, or customer policies. The ability to access these kinds of documents through mobile applications will help employees complete service calls efficiently and help customers complete certain requests without the need to contact customer support.


Some employees are more organized than others are. There are mobile business applications that help organize employees plan out their day by creating to-do lists and determining what they have left to do in order to complete a specific project. For those employees who may need assistance in the area of organization, there are different apps available. These apps can help show employees the different steps that are needed to complete the project and what steps they may have forgotten to do along the way. If an employee tries to move on to another appointment or a different project, these applications can also notify the employee of steps they may have forgotten to complete or update the status to notify the office that the task is complete.

If a company can boost business productivity it can improve its bottom line, streamline its processes and be able to increase overall business efficiency. When wasted time and resources cost money, a company should do whatever they can to help make sure they offer the best tools to their employees to make them more efficient. That is why your company should consider business mobile applications to help with back end solutions, creating estimates, accessing documents and improving organization for employees in and out of the field.

4 Ways to Use Mobile Apps to Boost Business Productivity

If you want to be able to help boost business productivity in the field and at the office then you may want to consider using mobile applications. There are four different ways that you can use mobile business applications to boost productivity, including back end solutions, estimates, document access and organization.

Stop Committing These 3 SEO Faux-Pas Today!

SEO: some say it’s all about content, others that it’s still largely a classical marketing mechanism, which operates in strict accordance with the principles of strategizing. Both approaches are partly correct, and they both work best when used in conjunction. That being said, there are some things that simply don’t work, in terms of optimization, and which you should avoid like the plague, if you’re serious about getting good rankings.
Stop Committing SEO Mistakes

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