A Moment that filled me with optimism & Hope for the future

Many times in life we face situations that we term it to be a low point. Every avenue, every opportunity seems to be closing as soon as we approach it. To be adjusting to new changes might not be a happy occasion. It is just a ray of hope that is needed to give the downing sense of self- esteem to be uplifted and be given a boost to the morale so that we can Lookup.

I had been through similar situation when the self- esteem was too low to recover. What to do and what not to were the questions that were running inside my mind? Whom to approach? Basically I was going nuts to even apprehend the questions that I am asking myself.

I had given up my boards exam and was waiting for the results. I had begun planning to where to study and what to select as my subjects. And had selected the choices where my friends are going. I had basically designed everything regarding my future.

Then the Day of Judgment came. My face dropped when I saw the result. The marks I received where not adequate enough to get into a college of my choice. Practically the steps I was supposed to be taking fell short. I didn’t know what to do now.

I became sad and dejected regarding my future. I stopped to eat and remained sulky all the time. My mother and father tried everything to cheer me up. But even their actions could not help me to rise up my sagging mind.

Then my grandfather gave me a book “You Can Win” by Shiv Khera. This book might be not related to my situation at the moment, but eventually on reading it, I went into retrospection. I began to analyze on what to do to inspire the failed situation I have.

I re-analyzed my options and tried other options that could re-energize my spirit and lift my morale. Though I had to compromise with the situation and choices. But that made me see that not everything goes in the way. One has to go with the flow to wherever life takes us. Now I can proudly say that even a small suggestion might change one’s optimism and give hope that is highly helpful for one’s future that can be so awesome.     

The only advice comes out of this story is that one should not lose hope. And if it does, it must remain calm and go through the hardship. For after every hardship, comes the result that is colorful and enough to make you rise to the highest.

Funny things to do that can make your baby healthily happy

Newborn babies are the most beautiful in the world. The bundle of joy is so priceless that nothing can come up in comparison with it. A happy baby is a wonder that conquers every heart it comes across to. To make them happy is the topmost priority of any parent. So as how to make them giggly laugh, here are some of the points to induce these laugh and make baby happy.

    Create Strange Sounds

Unusual sounds, created with mouth and objects, attract the baby’s attention and can evoke laughter from them. Change your voice to either grumpy or mime an old person. This is evident that they look amazed and understand the change that makes them happy and enjoy themselves too.

    Tickle Them

A gentle tickle on either the baby’s feet, chin, armpits or legs outburst the laughter in the baby. Little chuckles are unconditionally heard from the babies.  Running your fingers over their hands and face sometimes creates touch sensation and in response they laugh happily.

    Funny Faces

Making funny faces also inspire babies to laugh and be happy. You can either stick out your tongue or act to sneeze or be acting out a scene that needs to give expressions on the face. Babies see these changes and have little control that gives way to laughter.

    Play Peek-A-Boo With Them

This is a universal game in the whole world that every parent plays with their babies. The Peek-A-Boo usually makes you disappear momentarily, and when you appear again, the baby is so surprised to kick in their laughter. One can play this game with a blanket, any piece of cloth or a huge toy to hide you out.

    Chase Them Away

Your baby has just started to crawl and they move around the house. You can simply run behind them and in response they, too, will try to crawl and laugh, simultaneously. Give them the feeling that they are winning and they will laugh to the fullest.

    Bring Animals to Home

Furry creatures in the house are amusing to the young ones and they connect well with them. It is a known fact that animals sort of elicit laughter from them. With their touching animals, the feelings evoked surprise them and make them happy.

    Pretend To Bite Them

Gnawing or pretension of biting their body parts will make them squeal out of joy. This action is suggested to be most enjoyed by the babies and are loved the most. Often they laugh very hard and tumble into directions that they find it free to roll away.

    Sing and Dance

Now you don’t need to be an expert to accomplish the action of sing and dance. You can sing any local lullaby or any nursery rhyme. For dance, just wave your hands and shake your legs and it is just enough to make them happy. 

These are some of the obvious funny actions that you can do to make them happy. As a parent, it is your known knowledge as to what makes them happy and laugh to their fullest. 

How my Aunt helped me become a Man to be looked up to!

Early Years!

As we grow, we all are guided by someone or the other. Parents being the first source of perfect guidance, followed by relatives (by that I mean the immediate ones), siblings and then friends. I grew up in a joint family so there were various people who were constantly there for me and who would guide me in the best possible manner.

Distance brings people closer

It is observed that sometimes, the best person to help you in any aspect of life stays quite far. This is exactly the kind of situation I experienced. Out of all my relatives, it was my mother’s sister, who has been the best guide for me till date. I say about staying far, as she resided in the town side of Mumbai whereas I stayed in the suburbs.

Being born in her arms!

She was the first person to hold me when I entered the world and she brags about it even today. It is a matter of pride and honor for me when I look back at that fact. The thought of being in the arms of the one who has been the perfect guide to me in all these years is a matter of great happiness.

There are a plethora of reasons as to why she has been the perfect guide to me and helped grow over the years.

The wisdom!

Since the time I stepped in school and from the time I started making friends, she instilled one major piece of knowledge in me and that is on how to choose people to get attached to. Had she not given me that important sense, I would have been being taken for a ride by one and everyone.

Values to end a lifetime

Values make a person and she left no stone unturned in instilling the values in me. A strict disciplinarian that she is, she made sure I live up to that and follow disciplines in life so that I am bold enough to stand among people.

The importance of education and to be active

The importance of education in a person’s life is important as breathing is to being alive. My aunt stressed on my education and made sure I followed my books regularly. It was and is because of her that I stood among the top students in the class during my entire educational career.

Truly said, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, even this was realized by me through my aunt. She egged me on to be a part of extracurricular and co-curricular activities and it is due to that encouragement I feel confident enough to stand on a platform and speak in front of thousands of people.

The best value!

Last but not the least, she,  time and time again fixes one thought in my head; the thought of never ever to deprive my parents of a peaceful old age. In today’s times when kids diss their parents as they age, she has told me never to leave their side and to make sure they breathe their last peacefully.

These are just some of the reasons that I place my aunt at the pinnacle of the list of the people on how a family member has guided and encouraged me to grow. When I look back, the minor beatings seem totally worth it. 

5 Fun Bedtime rituals You share with your child

Sleep is a very important part in human lives. Adults need roughly 7-8 hours of sleep to rejuvenate themselves, whereas for children it should be about 10 hours for healthy growth and a fresh mind.
Kids spend their 40% of day with sleep which is essential for their well being but getting them down to bed and put them asleep is not an easy task for parents. Often it has been seen that parents and guardians strive for their kids to go to bed. They also make proper arrangements and set up such typical environment. Along with that some bedtime rituals are seriously necessary.

Parents, for a happy bedtime for their children as well as for them, should thus implement some strategies that are discussed now in brief:-


Palming a good routine is important. For this you should figure out your child’s best time to sleep. This can be done by watching them carefully when they feel tired. Plan a routine that is not too late nor too early with the help of your spouse. Come up with limits by also trying out some trials.


Think variety in your bedtime routine that works for your children like taking bath, cuddling together, talking about the events of the day, some night time prayers, brushing tooth with them, storytelling and many more. Plan in such a way that your child enjoys them and become habituated to them such that they feel relaxed during the bedtime.


Beside following a routine kids can also still test your limits. In some cases kids come out from sleep and call you again and again . In such a situation, you must attend them patiently and kindly. This shows how serious you are to them. But at the same time don’t come to them repeatedly as this will only disturb them.


Let them know how important sleep is for them for their growth and how it can regain energy levels. This will inform your kids how important bedtime is for them, following which they would easily follow the bed on right time.


Spend more time with your kids during day and in evenings such that they can understand you well and will know how much importance you are giving to them. This way both you and your kids can go to bed on time.

Fun Bedtime Rituals :-

Here are some fun rituals which makes your bedtime routine very enjoyable and hassle free

#1 Hugs and Kisses make your bedtime a bloom time as they convey your affection towards your kids. Eskimo kisses and family hugs before sleep feel really special.

#2 Kids reading bedtime stories is seriously a fun ritual where you  can turn this time to cuddle with them. Make your kid free to read whatever book they like. Same books to be read repeatedly can also be okay.

#3 Kids enjoy music very much. So come up with a lullaby at bedtime. This will make them relax and feel happy. Come up with a special lullaby to surprise them once in a while.

#4 Give your kids a verbal assurance repeatedly how much you love them apart from physical love. Expressing feelings can help them to feel secure and safe with good sleep without any hard feelings.

#5 Tuck your kids and yourself under blankets and have some fun with them. They feel the warmth of your love, towards them

Finally fun bedtime rituals will keep your kid relaxed and can give them sound sleep. Try out special fun rituals according to your child’s psychology and make provide them a healthy childhood.

5 reasons why the ASUS Zenfone is your ideal Valentine

Asus finally raised the curtains on one of its best smartphones - ASUS Zenfone C. This new phone is a true enhancement of the range launched earlier and provides a treat of software features at such an affordable price, 5,999 only! It is a super accomplished smartphone and gives a tough competition to the best phones and it does so with such an ease! It goes toe to toe with various pricey phones available in the market. ASUS Zenfone C comes with 2100 mAh battery that allows you to enjoy hours of talk time and browsing during the day, and an 8 GB internal storage space expandable up to 64 GB with a microSD card that allows you to store your important documents. Be it the cost, design, camera, display, battery or performance, ASUS Zenfone C is worthy of even more than the passing scores. The phone is competent enough with countless standout features. What impresses the most is that it projects economic feasibility and consistency. Moreover, this inexpensive phone utilizes Intel® Atom™ Z2520 processors which allows it to perform incredibly.

Fortunate enough for you, this article would throw light on the top five reasons why ASUS Zenfone C is your ideal Valentine.

#1 Good true value hardware

ASUS Zenfone C is powered by Intel CloverTrail + Z2520 processor. It comes with 1 GB RAM that allows it to cope with multiple tasks at the same time. Its processor makes it easier to manage heavy applications and open them quickly.

#2 A visual treat - Big display!

ASUS Zenfone C gives a treat to your eyes through its magnificent design, resolution and 4.5” FWVGA screen. It allows you to enjoy watching your favorite videos in a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels and rich detail on a 4’5 inch visual display.

Additionally, PixelMaster, a unique ASUS developed technology, delivers a far-fetched image quality. With this technology, ASUS Zenfone C offers excellent picture quality.

#3 Dual SIM support and high network speed!

ASUS Zenfone C comes with dual SIM support. In addition to this, it can get network speeds of as high as 42.2 Mbps DC-HSDPA. Both of these features allow you to have a two in one device and effortlessly surf the net on the move.

#4 Rich User Interface

ASUS Zenfone C offers impeccable performance with a number of add-ons. This smartphone is smart enough to offer an exclusively designed interface that allows you to be able to manage all your applications with no trouble. Additionally, it comes with Android KitKat v4.4.3. The additions comprise of the good camera interface, reading mode, etc.

#5 Beauty and Touch

Make a style statement with the aesthetically designed ASUS Zenfone C. Your Zenfone C experience begins at your fingertips. It has a slim and stylish design that lets you standout and shine!

-Written by Pragya Sehgal

3 Best Apps To Keep Your Kid Healthy for Happy Home

Keeping our kid healthy is a major task in front of every parent and traditional things doesn't help that much due to faster changing environment and evolving of new diseases. While Ebola is all set to enter Indian subcontinent any hour we need to take care of immunity strength of our kid. Also Ebola isn't the only disease we need to worry as there are already many of them ready to attack our beloved kid. Most of the diseases start with a normal infection which is controllable somehow. The first and far most the best way to take care of those infections is to keep immunity level of our kid high.

There are two known and simple ways to keep that immunity of our kid higher to fight every normal disease or infection trying to enter and infect our beloved ones. First way is to eat healthy every day so that important nutrients are present in the body in right volume or take help of certain immunity increasing supplements. Dabur Chyawanprash is one of the best immunity increasing supplements available out in the market easily and it can really help in building a strong temple for our kid’s soul.
I’ll enlist certain apps over here which you can use in your Android device to count nutrients on daily basis and also learn more about increasing immunity.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

My Fitness Pal is One of the best and free to use app that can help you know calorie details in every diet you’re including in a day plan. This is how you’ll be aware of every nutritional facts in any food item you wish to include and thus its going to help for sure.

My Tracks

Eating a healthy diet isn't sufficient. We also need to worry about burning right amount of calories on daily basis to keep our body healthy and immunity level high. These days parents put lot of pressure only on the study part while sports and other outdoor activities are being ignored. You need to ditch that plan and make sure your kid is burning right amount of calories on daily basis. Running is a great way to do that and to monitor amount of calories you’re burning, My Tracks app is going to help you. Its developed by official Google developer so you can expect it to simple to use (give it a try and you’ll quickly understand how to use it for its purpose).


KidsDoc is one of the paid apps which is there for not just Android device but also for your iPhone. You can learn about diseases by going through symptoms and checking the same with your kid (if infected). You’re going to get lots of recommended tasks which you can perform to fight common diseases and take care of your child indeed.

It not just got information in form of text but also in form of visuals so that end user can understand it better. It covers most of the diseases which targets kids and also grown up beings. So it’s a must have app and its totally worth the price you’re paying for it.

Prevention is better than cure. This proverb is totally correct and so we should be on alert when it comes to health of our kid. Supplements like Dabur Chyawanprash can increase intake of lots of required nutrients easily without worrying for any recipe or going through facts and informational guides.