Asus ET2040IUK Is A Great Offering

Spacing is hitting us even inside our dwellings, there is hardly any room left for any device presently in a room in many homes. Since that’s turning the case, should you just take your desktop PC out and be pleased with a notebook computer for normal use in its place? But you need not worry at all when you can make use of Asus’s novel offering; named Asus ET2040IUK AIO PC.

Best fit for an AIO PC

In the majority of real life situations, a sleek computer requires fitting as compared to a regular sized large desktop. The new offering from the well known Taiwanese maker is a full-fledged desktop with all essential characteristics, and it would just fit into a small room. The 19.5” display is a really impressive along with other elegant features. You don’t even require a UPS for emergency power backup as the new gadget has an integrated battery having 60 minutes backup.


When we talk about the performance, Asus ET2040 is good enough for daily usage at job or home for personal use.


If you take a browse from each and every area, the new offering would emerge to be a vast 19.5” tablet initially. This is also called a big brother to the tiny tablet computers obtainable at the present time, but it’s a larger source of power. The PC’s display stands at 1366×768 pixels.

Aside from the display, the keys and ports are positioned all around the rims of this PC. The display supports touch and there’s even a web camera on the front side.

The Habits of Happiness

Happiness is one thing which one wants for his life. Everyone wants to pursue happiness in life by all me he can. Either by doing some good deeds or getting lucky for the day or moment hoping to keep this moment forever in memory or want there this moment to stop here forever. But yes that isn’t true. But there are ways to achieve happiness in life by following basic some simple habits in life which are not at all difficult to follow and will help you achieve happiness at a better level. But the first thing first, you have to be optimistic in life. Note all the joyous moment and be positive of the upcoming. Also in situations it is you who can change the present for happier future. Try to put yourself in a situation of happiness. So Let us now discuss further the Habits of happiness.

The first thing first is to support others in the way you can help them to bring a smile on their face. Yes, this is very much the best habit to have. Be compassionate to others. Help them by basic either by giving some gifts to needy ones or by giving small loans to them. This will bring happiness to them bringing relief from their current sufferings. This is one of the basic habits that will guarantee you with habits.

The second thing is tutoring someone who needs someone to teach also comes in good manners. Countless people are there who need so and this deed will definitely bring a huge change in your positive side of your life as well as bringing happiness to life in a huge amount. Your great work can lead you to act as a role model which everyone wants but never knows this basic act that can work wonders.

Another Thing is forgiving others. Yes, that is very hard part for those who cannot hold their anger but yes now you will have to and forgive the one who has caused you so. Cause that will only bring positivity in your life and also make you happy. If someone is in hurry and hits you by mistake or stamp on your shoes and runs in hurry, just understand the situation and quietly dust off your shoes and forgive him instead of creating a huge fight. That will make things go fine and you will be happy to forgive and continuing with your daily work.

Other basic ones are to be connected with your family and loved ones that will definitely make you happy or contacting your old friends. Even can get over his anxiety if you just call u your friends or your family members and get up with some group discussions especially with your problems cause they are considered to more supporting helping you to gain confidence and happiness is thereby achieved. You can also find other ways of happiness by using your own ideas with positivity and gratitude towards others.

A Day to Remember

As a kid, I used to love Sundays. Not because Sundays are holidays, but because Sundays were family days. I remember how mom and dad used to be busy all week long and I had to stay with my maid who took care of everything I needed of. It was only on Sundays that my parents used to be at home and as a holiday ritual we all used to go to grandpa`s place. His place was not very far even though it used to take us almost one hour to reach there, thanks to the traffic. Of course I didn`t mind waiting for traffic to get cleared because I was never so excited about meeting my grandpa and grandma.

Every time I used to visit their place both of them used to shower me with all their love; several hugs and kisses were my greetings to them, and theirs to me. I remember hopping into grandpa`s lap and going to the nearby market to get groceries only because he used to secretly buy me an ice-cream.

I loved how Grandma used to prepare my favourite curry-rice each time I visited her. She used to sit beside me and read endless stories to me. She would tell me about distant lands filled with fairies and magical things.

As I grew up, I started to visit them often. Whenever I didn`t want to go to school, I would call grandma and ask her to convince mom to let me go to their place. And my ever so charming grandma always did as I wanted her to. She was the sweetest woman I have ever known.

Once I called her at night, around 10pm. I was crying over the phone, badly. I got her all scared and tensed but she still managed to console me. I told her about the fight that dad and I had, just then. I told her how much I wanted to become a photographer and learn the art; and how dad wanted me to become a lawyer, just like him. I was fed up of the regular fights regarding my career. I always wondered why I wasn`t allowed to do anything about my life? Why was I always treated as a kid?

Because of the constant fights at home I had mentally prepared myself to take up law and become like my father. I was disheartened but I considered this as my fate. But one fine day, grandma along with grandpa landed up at my place and had a deep meaningful talk with me and dad. She tried her best to convince me to follow my dreams and not give in to what others say. She argued with dad to let me join whatever profession I want. Finally, dad decided to let me take my own decisions.

A month later I joined the best photography school in Mumbai and alongside started to intern at various studios to earn my living.

I don`t know how to thank grandma for coming to motivate me that day and making me confident enough to fight for myself. She not only taught me how to live my dreams but also to achieve them, no matter what. 

Reaching Out to your Dreams!

Dream. Dream high. For only after you dream of success, you achieve it.

All of us are living in a sheltered place where reaching out to dreams seems like itself like a distant dream. It might be due to family issues, peer pressure or something as vital as lack of financial aid. But as they say, whatever the circumstances may be, don't ever stop dreaming and don't ever give up on your dreams.

Life is weird. It has ups and downs. It dwells in various alterations from time to time. And the only thing that I could possibly understand about life is that, change is the only constant thing about it.
And likewise a drastic change occurred to me, twice.

Once when I was in class 8th and was introduced to Enid Blyton. Oh, how much I loved her works. I still remember falling asleep snuggling to her books. That first hobby of childhood brought about a great change in a small town girl. Where people dreaded girls reading and even talking in English or simply to become educated, I took my first baby steps into the unknown world of literature.

Ever since then, there was no looking back. Thanks to my grandfather who was a great lover of storytelling himself and who used to secretly buy me books so that we could discuss and tell each other more stories. Unable to read himself, he never failed to surprise me by a new book every sunday morning. We would sit on porch and tell tales of distant lands to one another.

Days, months and even years passed. My father who was still kept away from my reading classes had no idea how much this language had engulfed me into it`s eccentricities. It was only after my class 10th that we had a discussion about my future. He was shocked to see that I wanted to take up arts instead of medicine. He forced me, and I gave in.

My inner desires were left unquenched. I longed for more books and discussions with grandpa but was however sent to a hostel for my further studies. When I had finished my 12th, I ran to my grandfather and told him about my choice, that I didn't want to do medical studies. I had made up my mind, I would go for English Literature. My dad, still reluctant, tried his everything to coax me into becoming a doctor, a reputed profession with a easy six figure salary. But nothing could change my mind, I wanted to be a writer, even if that guarantee any amount of money.

And then came another drastic change.
The change of cities.

It was when Delhi University cut-offs were out that I fled from my hometown with my grandfather. Luckily I got into the best college due to my excellent performance in board exams. The first time I saw my college, I knew what living a dream feels like.

After six years of dedicated studies and several internships, I landed up a job offer in California University, as a professor.

Today, I am earning more than my father had ever imagined I would. I am also working on a novel, that I longed to write. And my granddad, yes, he`s still with me, constantly being my pillar of support and a pool of ideas for my upcoming novel.

So, live to live your dreams. It isn't that hard, believe me. You just need to take one step, just one bold step.

A Moment that filled me with optimism & Hope for the future

Many times in life we face situations that we term it to be a low point. Every avenue, every opportunity seems to be closing as soon as we approach it. To be adjusting to new changes might not be a happy occasion. It is just a ray of hope that is needed to give the downing sense of self- esteem to be uplifted and be given a boost to the morale so that we can Lookup.

I had been through similar situation when the self- esteem was too low to recover. What to do and what not to were the questions that were running inside my mind? Whom to approach? Basically I was going nuts to even apprehend the questions that I am asking myself.

I had given up my boards exam and was waiting for the results. I had begun planning to where to study and what to select as my subjects. And had selected the choices where my friends are going. I had basically designed everything regarding my future.

Then the Day of Judgment came. My face dropped when I saw the result. The marks I received where not adequate enough to get into a college of my choice. Practically the steps I was supposed to be taking fell short. I didn’t know what to do now.

I became sad and dejected regarding my future. I stopped to eat and remained sulky all the time. My mother and father tried everything to cheer me up. But even their actions could not help me to rise up my sagging mind.

Then my grandfather gave me a book “You Can Win” by Shiv Khera. This book might be not related to my situation at the moment, but eventually on reading it, I went into retrospection. I began to analyze on what to do to inspire the failed situation I have.

I re-analyzed my options and tried other options that could re-energize my spirit and lift my morale. Though I had to compromise with the situation and choices. But that made me see that not everything goes in the way. One has to go with the flow to wherever life takes us. Now I can proudly say that even a small suggestion might change one’s optimism and give hope that is highly helpful for one’s future that can be so awesome.     

The only advice comes out of this story is that one should not lose hope. And if it does, it must remain calm and go through the hardship. For after every hardship, comes the result that is colorful and enough to make you rise to the highest.

Funny things to do that can make your baby healthily happy

Newborn babies are the most beautiful in the world. The bundle of joy is so priceless that nothing can come up in comparison with it. A happy baby is a wonder that conquers every heart it comes across to. To make them happy is the topmost priority of any parent. So as how to make them giggly laugh, here are some of the points to induce these laugh and make baby happy.

    Create Strange Sounds

Unusual sounds, created with mouth and objects, attract the baby’s attention and can evoke laughter from them. Change your voice to either grumpy or mime an old person. This is evident that they look amazed and understand the change that makes them happy and enjoy themselves too.

    Tickle Them

A gentle tickle on either the baby’s feet, chin, armpits or legs outburst the laughter in the baby. Little chuckles are unconditionally heard from the babies.  Running your fingers over their hands and face sometimes creates touch sensation and in response they laugh happily.

    Funny Faces

Making funny faces also inspire babies to laugh and be happy. You can either stick out your tongue or act to sneeze or be acting out a scene that needs to give expressions on the face. Babies see these changes and have little control that gives way to laughter.

    Play Peek-A-Boo With Them

This is a universal game in the whole world that every parent plays with their babies. The Peek-A-Boo usually makes you disappear momentarily, and when you appear again, the baby is so surprised to kick in their laughter. One can play this game with a blanket, any piece of cloth or a huge toy to hide you out.

    Chase Them Away

Your baby has just started to crawl and they move around the house. You can simply run behind them and in response they, too, will try to crawl and laugh, simultaneously. Give them the feeling that they are winning and they will laugh to the fullest.

    Bring Animals to Home

Furry creatures in the house are amusing to the young ones and they connect well with them. It is a known fact that animals sort of elicit laughter from them. With their touching animals, the feelings evoked surprise them and make them happy.

    Pretend To Bite Them

Gnawing or pretension of biting their body parts will make them squeal out of joy. This action is suggested to be most enjoyed by the babies and are loved the most. Often they laugh very hard and tumble into directions that they find it free to roll away.

    Sing and Dance

Now you don’t need to be an expert to accomplish the action of sing and dance. You can sing any local lullaby or any nursery rhyme. For dance, just wave your hands and shake your legs and it is just enough to make them happy. 

These are some of the obvious funny actions that you can do to make them happy. As a parent, it is your known knowledge as to what makes them happy and laugh to their fullest.